Support Coordination

Southern Stay is an established provider of Level 2 Coordination of Supports. This is an NDIS capacity building support that can be applied for at your planning meeting and if approved, built into your NDIS plan.

It is support that targets your immediate needs, finding solutions and giving you a range of options – whether it’s collecting potential provider information or linking you in with community groups near you.

The aim is to strengthen your ability to connect to and coordinate informal, mainstream and funded supports in a complex environment. This includes resolving points of crisis, developing capacity and resilience in your network, and coordinating supports from a range of sources. Southern Stay Support Coordinators can assist you to build the skills you need to understand, implement and use your NDIS plan.

A support coordinator will work with you to;

  • understand your plan and explore options
  • work creatively to achieve your goals
  • exercise choice and control
  • build capacity for greater independence
  • access services
  • maintain relationships
  • live more independently
  • connect with informal, community and funded supports
  • be included in your community
  • navigate through the different stages of the NDIS

Southern Stay’s Support Coordination Services are operationally separate from our direct service, we work transparently and pride ourselves on our independence. We have a robust Conflict of Interest Policy in operation to ensure your choice and control is our number ONE priority.

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Service Information

We can assist you to implement your goals.

Our team will:
· Stand beside you, support you and empower you to make your plan work for you.
· Help you identify the services that will meet your unique needs as outlined in your NDIS plan.
· Explore how to connect with your informal, mainstream and funded supports. We will oversee and coordinate your services.

The choice and control is yours. We can support you to connect with any service provider you choose.



For further information on any Southern Stay programs please contact our Intake Officers on 5564 3444 or 5572 1028   



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